The purpose of the AAPS Northeast Regional Discussion Group (NERDG) is to:

  • Foster education in and knowledge of the pharmaceutical sciences;
  • Provide a local forum at which all scientists interested in the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences may meet in professional and personal fellowship; and
  • Share the scientific interests of researchers within the northeastern United States.

Any AAPS member in good standing can become a member of the NERDG at no additional charge. Participation in the NERDG seminars, meetings, and discussions is open to all parties interested in the pharmaceutical sciences. Membership is likewise open to all interested parties and will be defined as those persons whose names appear on the mailing list which is maintained by the membership committee.

How to join AAPS NERDG: https://members.aaps.org/

Other information about AAPS NERDG may be found at  https://www.aaps.org/Northeast_Regional/