2017 Roundtable speakers

Roundtable speakers for this year’s meeting have been announced!

Roundtable #1: Oligonucleotides/Gene Therapy/RNAi

Moderators: Julian Nguyen (SUNY Buffalo) and John Morrison (BMS)

Speakers: Debra Auguste (Northeastern University) and Mathiah Manoharan (Alnylam)

Roundtable #2: 3D Printing Applications for Pharmaceutics

Moderators: Fang Zhao (St. John Fisher College) and Chris Towler (Novartis)

Speakers: Cetin Cetinkaya (Clarkson University) and Adam Procopio (Merck)

 Roundtable #3: DMPK of Large Molecules

Moderators: Joanne Brodfuehrer (Pfizer) and Stephen Wang (Pfizer)

Speakers: Mirek Dostalek (Shire), Lindsay Avery (Pfizer) and Liming Liu (Merck)

Roundtable #4: Analytical Characterization of Biologics, Peptides, and Oligonucleotides

Moderators: Li Luo and Kevin Robbins (BMS)

Speakers: Ken Koeplinger (Merck) and Sharon Polleck (Pfizer)

Roundtable #5: Advances in Small Molecule Drug Delivery

Moderators: Bing Gu (Pfizer) and James Ormes (Merck)

Speakers: Abu Serajuddin (St. John’s University) and James DiNuzio (Merck)